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Dua before entering the office

Discussion in 'Humour, Jokes and Fun' started by Saeed, May 16, 2009.

    • Administrator

    Saeed PakFellows Staff

    You may want to try and post in on your office door (on the inside of course!)


  1. Rani Well-Known Member

    haha yeh b theek hai :p mere pas b power ho to mein sab se pehle yehi kam karun :p very nice

  2. *Silent* TRUST IN ALLAH

    hahahahahahahaha Bohat khoob Saeed.....

    • PKF Volunteer

    Wish Well-Known Member

    hehe .. so trueeeeee

  3. hazelbrown333 Well-Known Member

    hahahah bilkul thik kaha app na

  4. Cool Breeze Former PKF Staff

    wah kitna true lagta hay na;)

  5. Salik Siddiqi Well-Known Member


  6. waqar Well-Known Member

    hah hah....nice

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